Expensive cashew nut


Cashew nuts and walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnut are all honored as the world ” Four Nuts” by consumers, cashew nuts rich in nutrients with taste and good flavor, can be produced into subsidiary cashew snack of various flavors, such as butter cashew nuts, plain cashews, spicy cashews, salty cashew nuts, honey cashew nuts, etc., has become leisure food popular among customers, which is natural, nutrition, healthy, and is of functions satisfying consumers. So, what are the characteristics of China’s cashew production line?


  1. The whole set of cashew production process equipment is of stable operation with its output meeting the design requirements, and the product quality as effective as that of Japanese and Italian lines. The quality standards of cashew nuts and nut shell oil produced by Shuliy’s production process meets CNSL quality standards in world trade.
  2. Cashew production technology adopted in production line in China is of simple processing convenient maintenance, low production cost, delicate appearance with satisfying output rate, can maintain the color of the original nut and taste of the vast majority of consumers. It can facilitates further value-added processing at the same time, compared with processing of other production line.
  3. The successful invention of hydraulic sheller has simplified the processing structure of the cashew sheller, and reduces its volume and weight, can greatly reduce the production cost and enhances the competitiveness in export. The output rate of the sheller is 70-80 grains /min, which is about 20% higher than that of the traditional mechanical sheller.
  4. The structure of cashew peeling machine is simpler than that of Japanese, and is of low cost and convenient maintenance with relatively low energy consumption. In order to improve the efficiency of cashew production, the pretreatment method of cashew peeling realized by combining chemical treatment and mechanical peeling.