As we all know, nuts are rich in nutrients needed by the human body. Eating nuts regularly will bring many benefits to our bodies. We all know cashew nuts are one of the four nuts, and their price is also very expensive. Cashew nuts taste sweet. We can use it not only for cooking but also for medicine. But you know what? The processing of cashew is very cruel.

Cashew nuts
Cashew Nuts

Source of cashew nuts

Cashew nut is a nut native to the United States. This kind of tree can grow to 10 meters. Cashew nuts are not only difficult to pick, but also have a hard shell outside the cashew nuts. Although many people have eaten cashew nuts, they do not know that cashew nuts have shells.

Cashew tree
Cashew Tree

Corrosive juice

If you can peel off the shell of cashew nuts, you will find that some juice will spill. These juices are highly irritant and corrosive. If it is exposed for a long time, it will also lead to skin redness, swelling, and blistering. It is for this reason that few people are willing to peel cashew nuts in some areas where cashew nuts are planted. If cashew farmers can’t find anyone willing to peel cashew nuts, it will be difficult to sell these cashew nuts. So they have to raise the price to go to the people who peel cashew nuts, which further increases the cost price of cashew nuts.

Why not shell cashew nuts with gloves?

Now we know why cashew nuts are expensive. Many people may think that why not wear gloves when peeling cashew nuts? Doesn’t that solve this problem? In fact, this practice is not perfect, because the gloves are likely to be cut during the cashew nut shelling process. When these things seep into the gloves, they will have a more serious impact.
And wearing gloves is also very bad for work. But some people insist on wearing gloves to shell cashew nuts. But over time, their hands will also become very dark and particularly rough. Although the price of cashew nuts we usually buy is relatively high, half of the price of these cashew nuts may be their processing fees.

Blood cashew nuts
Blood Cashew Nuts

Cashew processing equipment enables cashew nut growers to easily obtain cashew nuts

Now there is mature cashew processing equipment on the market. We have semi-automatic and full-automatic cashew cutting machines to help you deal with hard cashew nut shells. If your cashew nut processing plant has a limited budget, then this will be a good choice. In addition, we have a complete set of cashew processing equipment: cashew cleaning machine- cashew nut grading machine- cashew cooking machine- cashew shelling machinecashew peeling machinecashew drying machine. Such a complete cashew nut processing line can greatly improve the production efficiency of cashew nuts.

Cashew nut processing line
Cashew Nut Processing Line

If you need these cashew processing machines to help you improve production efficiency and reduce harm to the human body, please feel free to contact us.