The cashew separator machine is to separate cashew shells from cashew nuts after shelling cahsew nuts. This machine is a part of the cashew nut production line and it can also use alone. It not only can separate cashew but also other nuts, like peanuts, almonds. The price of cashew separator is influenced by many factors.

Why do we need to use a cashew shell separating machine

After the cashews are shelled, the shells of the cashew are mixed with kernels. In order to further process cashew, we need to separate the shells and kernels with machines to facilitate the following steps of peeling and baking.

This cashew shell separating machine can improve efficiency and is also an indispensable step after the cashew nut is shelled.

Factors affecting the price of cashew separator machine

Firstly, customer demands. We know that the cashew shell and kernel separator can customize. The length of the screen mesh and the size of the screen hole can adjust according to customer needs, so the price will be different. And The cashew separator could deal 400 kilograms of cashew nuts per hour. This index could rectify and the size of the machine will also be different accordingly.

Secondly, production output. If customers need to process a large number of cashew nuts, it may not be enough to use only one separator; or if there are multiple cashew production lines, the required separators are more than one or two. According to the scale of production, this separator machine could be made differently.

Thirdly, discounts. If customers buy a whole cashew production line, there will be a discounted price. And if customers buy many separator machines at one time, they will also enjoy a better price. As for more details of machine price, you can leave your contact in our website and we will send you more information.

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