Cashew nuts are rich in all kinds of nutrition and they are extremely tasty after processing. Thus, this kind of nut is popular in the market. However, at the same time, the cost of cashew nut is high for the complex production steps, especially for its toxic shells.  The expensive market price attracts many people to start cashew nut processing plants. And about starting a cashew nut processing business, what do we need to know?

Knowledge about cashew nut production line

3d: cashew nut processing business plant
3D: Cashew Nut Processing Business Plant

Fresh cashew nuts need to experience grading, cooking, shelling, separating, drying, peeling, classifying, roasting, and others. Workers pick cashew nuts from the trees and remove the cashew apples. The nuts will then enter the production line. And about the production line, there may be a small line, large line, manual line. The large processing plant has all steps included. For a small production line, the operation steps will end at the peeling. And manually processing means that workers shell cashew nuts with their hands in gloves but they may be still corroded by the toxic substance. This may occur in some South Asia countries for the worker cost is lower.

Learning about the information of cashew nut processing plants could help ensure the business scale and place.

Choose the location of starting cashew nut processing business

The countries with large cashew nut cultivation areas include India, Brazil, Vietnam, Mozambique, and Tanzania. The main producing countries of cashew nuts are Brazil and India and cashew nuts were later introduced by other countries and widely cultivated. Mozambique is the country with the largest cashew nut production, and its output exceeds half of the world’s total production, known as the “hometown of cashew nuts”.

So customers could choose the main cashew nut production countries as the business place of cashew nut processing plant. And there are some other factors to consider, such as the labor cost, distance from the market, and others.

Cashew nut processing business machines
Cashew Nut Processing Business Machines

Find machine supplier to work cashew nut processing business

When deciding the business location, customers may have a picture of the scale of the production plant. So they could find a food machine supplier or manufacturer from Facebook, Google, Youtube, and other searching methods. If customers are interested in our machines, they could also leave comments on our website and we will contact more details.