Drying machine


Application scope:

Cashew nut drying machine  can applies to various agricultural and sideline products, such as dehydrated vegetables, edible fungi, Chinese herbal medicine, etc., with shapes including flake, strip, granule and other non-fragile materials.


Cashew nut drying machine

Operation instructions:

  1. Heating temperature controlling panel: set the temperature according to the automatic heating range in the oven. Generally, it can be set at 40-80 degrees.
  2. Moisture discharge temperature panel: set humidity rate according to the automatic moisture discharge controlling range in the oven, intelligent automatic dewatering, humidity error rate is less than 3%, the humidity in the oven can be automatically controlled. Ensuring the timely removal of moisture.
  3. Time stage control: H, M and S indicates hours, minutes and seconds respectively. It can keep temperature and humidity stable in chamber.
  4. Blower knob: positive and negative rotation automatically or manually, after starting. The temperature in the oven is even, with perfect drying effect.

Stage 1 — timely entering the chamber to discharge moisture, during this stage effect of fruit shell surface losing moisture carries out with baking color turning from black brown to brown finally.

Stage 2 — primary roast

This stage is to roast material then achieve color fixing effect, and the drying product is characterized by dehydration facilitating shelling, with the kernel color fixed.

Stage 3 — soft fire drying

At the end of the color fixing kernel drying period the water content of the material reaches about 10%.At last, when the drying process is over, the fire can be turned off, and the kernels on the oven shall be covered completely with a burlap bag to keep warm for several hours, so that the moisture in the upper layer of the kernels continues to evaporate, reaching a relatively uniform drying. (the specific drying process shall be carried out  under the professional’s instruction in detail)