Cashew nut, walnut,almond and hazelnut are known as the world’s four largest nuts. They commonly have hard pericarp, which contains oily edible seeds that has rich nutritional value. They are all cultivated in our country. Have you noticed their prices on the market? Which of them is the most expensive?

Expensive cashew nut

We made a special investigation. We searched different nuts on line and recorded their prices. All the nuts are from the same store, have the same packing and are all 500 grams, but according to comparing the price, I find that of them, the price of cashew nut is the most expensive. Why this happens? I think one of the reason is that cashew nut is more complicated to process than other three nuts. We know that the shell and skin of cashew nut is poisonous, so it is more dangerous for workers who handle with the cashew. And the whole process asks for more attention and time. Plus the cost of time and labor, cashew nut is naturally higher than other nuts. Now you know why the cashew nut is so expensive. Next time you won’t be surprised when you see the price tag.