The cashew cooking machine has two heating methods: steam heating or electric heating. An automatic temperature control system and specially designed components ensure uniform water temperature. With an all-stainless steel sandwich insulation structure, good rigidity, and low heat loss, it is the first choice for nut processing equipment.

According to the heating method, it includes two types:

  • the electric heating cooking machine (box type);
  • steam heating cooking machine (with a steam boiler).


The cashew cooker uses a certain pressure of steam as the heat source (it can also use electric heating). And it has the characteristics of a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time, and easy control of heating temperature. The interior is made of acid-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel. Equipped with a pressure gauge and a safety valve, the machine is beautiful to look at, easy to install, and convenient to operate.

The cooking machine is widely used in the processing of food, such as pharmacy, dairy, wine, cakes, and beverages. It is good equipment for food processing to improve quality, shorten the time, and improve working conditions.

How to use the cashew nut cooker

  • Check the valve

Before use, check whether the water supply pressure meets the manufacturer’s requirements, whether the water inlet valve is open. And the sewage valve should be closed. If it is a manual water injection cooking machine, you need to close the drain valve.

  • Put the right amount of water and nuts into the cooking machine

Close the door, turn on the power supply, and select work mode, waiting for it to work.

Note: The water level of the automatic water feed cooking machine is basically immersed in the electric heating tube. And the water supply of the manual water filling cooking machine should not exceed the water level mark.

  • After finishing the processing work

Release the steam in the box completely, turn off the power and open the box door to take out the food.

  • Drain the water in the compartment

Prevent the electric heating tube and the metal surface of the cooking machine from being damp and aging. Remove the dirt on the electric heating tube, make the electric heating tube heat conduction quickly, and prevent the electric heating tube from overheating and burning out.

  • Clean the inner and outer surfaces

Keep the electric steamer clean and hygienic, but do not spray it for cleaning. This will cause the electrical components to become damp, short-circuit or even leak electricity.

Precautions for using the cashew cooking machine

  1. When using an electric cooking machine with pressure, set the size of the pressure valve within an appropriate range, which is beneficial to protect the safety of the operator. Don’t leave during the operation. If necessary, power off.
  2. When the electric steamer malfunctions, you should turn off the power first, and then check the malfunction. In addition, it is best to notify professionals for maintenance to avoid danger.
  3. The door of the box should be closed tightly during work to avoid steam leakage. Otherwise, it will waste energy and may easily cause burns to the operator.
  4. When the door is opened after the work is completed, the steam in the box should be completely released to avoid scalding people.