Shuliy machinery co., LTD., located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, is a leading professional food machinery manufacturer integrating R&D and manufacturing, direct selling with after-sales service. The company has long been committed to the research and development of various technological equipment and automatic production line, including peeling, screening, steaming, etc., to provide various quality food processing machinery with favorable price for customers.

Currently, Shuliy’s fully automatic production lines and single food machine have been successfully put on the market throughout the world. Shuliy cashew sheller is Shuliy’s advanced mechanical equipment, which can divide cashew into 3 to 5 grades according to its width and then be cracked and shelled. The cashew opening rate and the wholly kernel shelling rate exceed 98%, which is also related to the proficiency of operators. Each machine has six feeding ports, and the feeding action is completed manually with the opening action can be achieved automatically. The height of the platform can be adjusted, and they can customize different sizes of machine according to customer requirements. Besides, they also provide customers with field visit the design studio and the factory.

Hot-selling cashew nut shelling machine

Design and customize products for customer with time saving, labor saving, cost saving, high efficiency shipment ensured.

Installation training: Technicians are responsible for the installation, debugging and training. The formula research department provide customer with food formula free of charge and will instructs customer until the finished product is made.

After-sale insurance: One year warranty, long-term maintenance, 24 hours technical consultation providing customers with technical diagnosis; the maintenance personnel are 24 hours stand by.